Wednesday, April 19, 2006

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Finishing Genesis today
Wow! This is amazing...I thought I "knew" so many Bible stories...reading in big chunks like this is bringing it back - and more to life.
BTW, I'm Dana. I'm 41, a seeker, a mom, a teacher; raised Catholic, although I have recently joined a wonderful American Baptist church.
Genesis, what to say? Yes, it is snowballing like a soap opera in fast forward: the births, affairs, deceit, broken deals, bribery, murder, etc.
Shock: the Dinah story, Leah & Rachel and all the handmaidens and ALL THOSE CHILDREN! And Tamar tricking Judah!
Questions: Who is Jacob wrestling with (Gen. 32:24.) Is it God? And Gen. 38:9 "And Onan knew that the offspring would not be his;" - why did he think if he slept with Tamar and she got pregnant, it would not be his child?
NOTE: If you haven't read The Red Tent make a note to yourself to do so after this Bible read. It tells the women's story from Dinah's point of view, as a young girl growing up with Joseph and the brothers. Also, Walking the Bible is about one man's search through the Holy Land, to see if he could find any of the "real" spots and his noticing the connection to the LAND and faith. It's a good read for people like me, without much historical and geographical background...

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great recommendations dana, thanks