Friday, May 05, 2006

Check In Time

Alright, folks. How are we doing?

It occurred to me today that I could post a link to the daily reading, if that would make it easier for anyone.

And I'm wondering if we're all around the same place? Or all over the place at this point?

If you're up-to-date with the Easter Sunday start, you would be in 1 Samuel right now. Here's the passage: 1 Samuel 2:8 to 1 Samuel 15:14.

Leave a comment (or better yet a post) and lets find out where each other are.

Grace and peace and blessings and grace and grace and grace and grace and grace . . .

1 comment:

see-through faith said...

I'm not in the group so delete this if it's inappropriate, but in our group I think that posting daily would have put me under more pressure somehow. And besides we didn't all use NIV

I foudn the Bible in 90 days track where you are -really really useful. I printed out each weeks /months and had a lot of satisfaction crossing it off. And also ticking the box on site. (sad arent I?)

I'm glad you are doing this. You will find it hard work but really rewarding and while i'm doing something different now (luke) I found I started to enjoy my hour in hte Bible -reading and not thinking or meditating. Hope you all are too. Keep plodding.