Monday, May 01, 2006

Still Playing Catch-Up

I'm in Numbers 5 this morning (don't even want to really know how far behind I am; I'll look it up later). How did you all feel reading about the actions taken when a man feels jealous, whether or not his wife has done anything wrong? I have read this before, I know, but for some reason I didn't remember this particular chapter. I find it deeply distressing. It illustrates the dangers of swallowing scripture whole, not taking the trouble to read it in context. The last verse is chilling:

31The man shall be free from iniquity, but the woman shall bear her iniquity.


Jen said...

Yes, I found this deeply disturbing also. It reminded me of jealous, abusive, controlling boyfriends or husbands who have a horrifying level of contol over their girlfriends/wives.

The institutionalized power imbalance that has to be integral to the system described in Numbers is also disturbing.

I was reminded of the witch trials of centuries past, when women would be forced to prove their innocence by some contrived method (if she floats she is a witch?) I wonder if these trials had their roots in this text. (Also that women could be accused of being witches merely by showing up in a dream of one of the men in the community.)

I also found myself wondering how the women (in Numbers) would have resisted this action. Of course we have no record of the resistance, but I think we can be sure it happened. To what lengths would women go to avoid a trial? Did the women know of some medicinal herb that could be taken to avoid the physical response that would imply she were guilty?

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Hi you guys,

I must admit I missed that you had started this project... so I am just now coming by to offer encouragement! (I just finished my Bible in 90 Days project on Maundy Thursday!)

It is an amazing thing to undertake, for me made much more enjoyable because I did it with some other folks. I fell behind a couple of times. And moved ahead a few times too, especially when my health took a nose dive for most of the month of January.

All in all, I can only say that I am incredibly glad I did it and I pray for all of you that God will speak to you throughout this amazing journey!



see-through faith said...

swung by to cheer you all on again :) it's hard work but worth doing. And one trick it to MAKE yourself catch up if you fall a day or two behind.

The online tracking is a god-send as is the sense of community so keep encouraging one another as you read on .

be blssed:)

and oh Rach I'm glad you finished :) Well done sis

Songbird said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts, Rachel! And Lorna, too!
I discovered that reading the chapters on my computer is actually an easier way to read a chunk at a time. With Bible in hand, I'm too inclined to recline, and then get sleepy.