Friday, May 05, 2006

Testing One Two Three .... Check .... Check ....

Where am I?

Yeah, ummm .... I had jumped on board with this group somewhat early on because, although I was the instigator of the previous spot, life made me drop out somewhere into Leviticus. But, since you all were still somewhere in Exodus, I figured that gave me a little wiggle room to pick up where I left off and be back on track again.

Except .... somehow I lost track of it, playing the "Oh, well, I'm ahead of where they are and so I don't have to jump on immediately" until I realized that I was behind. Again. So I haven't posted anything because I'm just trying to catch up. So where am I right now? The computer room. Probably finishing Numbers tonight.

My Bible's back in my bedroom, but the one thing that I do remember being very confused about (besides the whole "adultry potion" that someone else already mentioned) was with the whole Balaam story. So ... Balak wants Balaam to come with him. God tells him not to go, so he doesn't. Then Balak comes back; this time God tells Balaam to go, so Balaam goes. But, en route, the Angel of the Lord comes to get Balaam because God is mad that Balaam went? Even though God told Balaam to go?!?!?

Course, the Old Testament God does have kind of a reputation for occasionally being a bit impulsive and fickle ....

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