Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Leviticus On the Way Home from the Office

I haven't posted in a while. First I took a little break 'cause I worried I was dominating the blog. Didn't want to be a blog-hog! Then I got a little behind in my reading. Then I got distracted. And now I'm finally writing.

I'm pretty much caught up. I think I'm a day behind. Thanks to Songbird for mentioning that you've found reading the entries on the computer screen through the Zondervan site to be more helpful. I gave that a try yesterday as I put in a marathon session to catch up and I found it really worked for me, too. (Something is happening to me. I used to think I'd be the last one to prefer a computer screen to a book, but I'm not so sure anymore.)

What I do miss the most when reading off the computer screen, though, are my notes from seminary (and the footnotes in my Oxford edition). But last night I leafed through my seminary Bible and was able to make a bit more sense of things later.

Here's a cool thing that happened the other day. I had the privilege of taking a man home from church. He is a seminarian from Trinidad. Brilliant. Committed. Deeply concerned about justice, especially among the impoverished in our cities. He's also Seventh Day Adventist, a tradition I know next to nothing about.

He mentioned that the biggest differences between his tradition and mainstream Protestant traditions are that they hold Saturday as the sabbath (and day of worship) and their dietary laws. "We don't eat any unclean foods. Like shellfish: no crab or shrimp." I asked if that meant they keep Kosher. "No," he answered, "We follow the dietary rules found in Leviticus and Deuteronomy."

"Oh, sure." I answered, "I was just reading those instructions this past week." :) It made me feel very legitimate. :)

I have more to write about, but I'll keep it here for now. You know. The blog-hog thing.

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see-through faith said...

I hate readinghte Bible on screen. Funny that :)

you're doing good there. Playing catch up is good :)