Friday, May 05, 2006

Don't ask...

I keep falling behind. regretfully. I have not given up yet, nor do I plan to, but I don't think I'll ever catch up - not a problem for me though. Takes the pressure off :)
I tried skipping ahead to catch up, but then fell back behind, and now I don't want to skip ahead again. So I'm going to go back, and try to keep pluggin away at it. I find this very difficult, and yet I'm not sure exactly why. It could be A.D.D.? It could be that over the years I usually do my reading at night, so I only get a few pages in before sleep, so now when I do read, It's like a trigger for sleep? I don't know. But... I'm still in this, I just will be bringing up the rear is all :)
Where? Oh alright, I guess I should confess... I'm still in Leviticus.
Latest thoughts? I'm a bit shocked at how a lot of these people we are reading about are not nice people. So much talk about death too - Look at someone cross-eyed and you are to be put to death.
Anyone else fallen behind in this marathon race? :) I feel like I'm in the Boston Marathon, stopping at every water station, and maybe even ducking into a local bookstore to read a magazine before heading back out into the race.
Well, I'm off now to get a few more pages done - and maybe a drink of water too :)
I'm ROOTIN for you guys in the front of the pack! Way to go!


Jen said...

Hmmm, your posting sent me back to Leviticus to check on something. And now I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. Seems we'll need to put you to death now that you've fallen behind. Yep. Bad day for you.

cyen said...

But what if I send in a bar-b-q goat sandwhich that is from a pure first born goat? I hear the Big Man likes the smell of a good Bar-B-Q ;)
Plus 1 fifth of the price of a seventh year bull in sheckels?

Jen said...

Oh, yeah, that'll do it.
Good thinking!

David Wen said...

Are y'all in advertising too? I saw some profiles...

see-through faith said...

advice. Take the reading in two sittings each day. morning and evening or lunchtime and evening or something. 2 x 25/30 mins is much more manageable I found.

finishing is more imporant than how fast but it's good to set targets and stick to it so you don't drift

For many Leviticus is THE hard book. I foudn the descriptions of hte templein kings /chronicles worse but that's cos I couldn't visualise it I think

Keep going. Don't be discouraged.OK? It IS hard work. But you can do it :)