Monday, April 24, 2006


A few days behind in posting...I like how in Exodus the people are "stiff necked", making golden calfs and all, and God breaks in and gives detailed instructions for a group project, the tabernacle. I guess God figures it'd be good to get them working together on something, maybe that'll help them to get them focused. So they all go and get the goat skins, earrings and yarn that they have and it gets incorporated into the tabernacle. Then they buckle down and get to work together. I like the image of a sacred place woven together of common items from lots of folks.

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BlackBerry said...

Malinda (BlackBerry) here--I also thought of "barnraising" as I read about the construction of the Tabernacle. I was struck by how visual the whole thing is. For example, the writer kept referring to the indigo, purple, and scarlet threads (I'm reading "The Inclusive Bible" trasnlation by Priests for Equality). This description reminded me of all those diagrams Sunday school and Bible teachers showed us of the Tabernacle--there's such dissonance between those black and white drawings and the colorful description in Exodus!

I also thought about the vestments of the ministers at Riverside Church here in New York--they're blue, red, and purple too.