Thursday, April 27, 2006

I've fallen...

Perhaps the first of this group to have fallen behind?
(For some reason this does not come as a surprise to me ;)
I had a 4-5 day vacation mixed in and didn't want to carry another book on the plane with me, so I thought I could just borrow my sister's Bible when I got there. She never gave it to me! (Did I get a rise out of you Sis with that comment? ;) She did give it to me, but usually by the time I got around to reading it I was so tired from that day's events that I only made it about 2 chapters until my eyelids were slammed shut.
So I'm way behind. I'm going to take my sister's advice and skip a portion then try to come back to it, so that I can stay up to date with the the rest of you. I'm going to finish Exodus, then catch up. So I hope none of you give away the ending to the book Leviticus!
So what day are we on now?

I'll add my comment about Exodus here even though most of you have passed this point...
Was it me, or did I mis-read the comments in Exodus...
During the time when Moses and Aaron were bringing all of the curses upon Pharoh and his land, it said that God had "hardened the pharoh's heart", Yet God was the one coming up with the curses? I didn't get this point at all. This also seems to go against free will.


Songbird said...

It sure sounded like God was setting Pharoah up, didn't it?

DanaMarie11 said...

I'm behind too, and tempted to skim a little and go back later, so I can "rejoin" the group! I believe today's reading should be Nu. 32:20 to Dt. 7:26.
***I was struck, also, by the "harden his heart." I finally saw it as very purposeful, like, "Okay, here's the plan, we're going to teach the dog to fetch a bone, but then we're going to lock the gate so he can't get to it...then we're going to...." I can't think of a good analogy, but I finally decided it was all to make the "plan work." Like it really all was a "grand plan." Hmmm. It's like two sides of the same coin: God hardened Pharoah's heart to show again and again how he really could and would send another plague, and he (perhaps) had the Israelites doubt and lose faith again and agin so he could show them that yes, he was there.
That kept repeating -- the people "grumbling" and giving up on God. "Moses, you brought us all the way out here, to starve to death?" Then God produces bread. Then, "Moses, you brought us all the way out here to die of thirst?" etc. etc. THEN poor Moses goes up the mountain to have a long chat with God and when he's gone they make a golden calf!! I couldn't believe the people didn't get it by now that God would provide...he parted the sea, he turned a rock into a spring, and continually provided. Then it hit me: Ah ha! How many times do we/I have God provide, help, comfort, etc. and then the next time something comes up somehow our faith disappears? It really hit home.