Friday, April 28, 2006

online tracking

After posting yesterday about how I was behind and not sure about what day we were on to catch up, I remembered Jen told me about the official website that once you sign up (for free) it will provide you with the day you are on, and what verses you should read AND you can read the verses online (or print them if you don't like trees).
There are also additional features (Like a large blog) that I have not had a chance to go through yet.
Go to:

You'll see a tab/box about registering. Enter your starting date of Easter Sunday (4/16/06) and that's pretty much it.
A belated thanks to Jen for this.

In the reading I did last night, it struck me... I wonder how short the Bible would be if you eliminated all the repetition? I wonder if that will be the next translation from Zondervan... A Bible edited for content :)


Jen said...

Hey Bro,
I'm glad you found the personal log on the 90-Days website. I hope you find it helpful.

As a group I think we're all over the place, though. So wherever you are it Okay. (You can hear that in a Stuart Smalley voice if you wish.) :D

Edited to take out repetition? Twenty pages total? (hee hee) Just wait 'til we get to Paul!!!

DanaMarie11 said...

HAH! I'm still leaving about your question, how long (or short) would the Bible be if you took out all the repetition? That was priceless.
Thanks all for the tip on the tracker - I had thought you had to pay to register....

DanaMarie11 said...

I mean I'm still LAUGHING about how long the Bible would be if edited......:)