Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Still here

Just a quick note to say that I'm still here and still up-to-date. Things have been hectic for me lately and I still have not found a notepad to keep by my side for this, but I hope when things calm down I'll be able to post more. What are we on now, day three only? I can see that this will be tough to keep to the 90days, but I can also see that this is "do-able".
I am going to throw a few random thoughts out here... Wish I had more time to formulate more for this post...
These opening stories are like a bad day-time soap opera!
I'm struck by how "silly" some of these stories are... Imagine building a tower to reach God... And then God being afraid that it may just work...?
We're given the entire creation of the universe/world in a few chapters, but it seems more important to chronicle family genealogy?
The part where Abraham is "negotiating" with God on the destruction of Sodom just struck me funny as well. This is GOD we're talking about right? He's trying to argue with Him like a little kid trying to eat his broccoli with his parents.
I also struck by all the killings, fear of killings, lying, child birth, prejudice, slavery, sleeping of who with whom, etc... Some of these people are not "good" people.
I'm also taken with how they are almost bragging about having enough children to populate an entire city! This seems so very important to them to populate large areas with their own.
I'm also noting how there is a sort of bragging to how much "bling" each brother/family has... When I read about how "x" has 30 sheep, 30 cows, 40 servants, etc... I am picturing that in today's terms... "x" has 30 plasma TV's, 30 SUV's, etc...
Well, all of these topics could be expanded upon immensely but no time now... Must read... :)
PS> I am finding that it is better for me to read half in the morning when I first awake, then the other half at night.
PS2> I really like the post-it note idea too.

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