Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where are you up to?

Hi fellow travelers,

I have embarked on what should be a interesting journey with you. Unfortunately started a little bit after you and so am already playing catch up!

I have printed of the Zondervan Reading plan to try and help keep me on track.
Where are you up to so I can try and join you hopefully by the end of the week end?

Blessed reading



Jen said...

Hey Em,

We just started with the first selection from Exodus today (April 20).

I think you could catch up. Or start with Exodus and go through Genesis in smaller segments over a slightly longer period.

Songbird said...

Hi, Em~
Since I decided to start at the last moment and was on vacation Monday and Tuesday, I am still catching up, almost through Genesis and hoping to get through the first Exodus reading today. It's my hope to be on track by Sunday.
You can do it!!

Purechristianithink said...

I just now finished Genesis.

see-through faith said...

be blessed RevEm - this IS worthdoing. And as a word of encouragement many of us found we were playing catch up from time to time.

Revem said...

cool thanks for your encouragement.I have spent some of the time this week end catching up and am now halfway through genesis. With today another day of reading